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‘Business Metaverse is not lonely people with ugly goggles’

door Marco van der Hoeven

For the first time the Metaverse made it into the influential keynote at Gartner IT Symposium in Barcelona, where analysts discuss the future of technology. Technology is the new epicentre of corporate culture, and one area for innovation is in digital spaces and experiences.

For example, an intraverse is a virtual office that incorporates emerging metaverse technologies to bring employees together in immersive meetings to collaborate, connect and innovate. Gartner predicts that immersive meeting technologies will not plateau on the Gartner Hype Cycle for 5-10 years. But organisations that experiment with technologies early on the Hype Cycle curve will attract talent who want to stay ahead of the pack. We talked about this with Mary Mesaglio, Managing VP at Gartner.



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